Jul 29

Simplifying NRC Inspections

The United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) shoulders the responsibilities of protecting public health and safety, protecting the environment, protecting and safeguarding nuclear materials and nuclear power plants in the interest of national security, and assuring conformity with antitrust laws where any and all of these pertain to nuclear materials.

With regard to medical use, the regulations account for the requirements and provisions for use of byproduct material and for issuance of specific licenses authorizing the medical use of this material. These requirements and provisions provide for the radiation safety of workers, the general public, patients, and human research subjects.

Due to the nature of the radioactive materials in use, these regulations, as they’re enforced by the NRC, are a serious matter for the pharmacies and hospitals who must abide by them. Each state has the ability to become an agreement state, which means the NRC has allowed them to take on the oversight of radioactive materials. The caveat, however, is that state laws and regulations must be at least as stringent as the NRC regulations—but never less stringent.

Daily activities are of great interest to NRC inspectors. For instance, users are expected to ensure that a package from the pharmacy is intact (the outside of the package was not contaminated and the contents of the package did not leak or spill in any way). Monitoring packages and recording findings is also essential.

Agency functions are performed through standards setting and rule making; technical reviews and studies; conduct of public hearings; issuance of authorizations, permits, and licenses; evaluation of operating experience; confirmatory research; and, of the greatest importance to pharmacies and hospitals, through inspection, investigation, and enforcement. Typically, the inspector will select a date range, and request to see the records from that period. The inspection will focus on quality control of the equipment and the radioactive material, was used and was disposed of.

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